For Professionals and Corporates


Speechcraft is a 4 to 8 week workshop style program, created for experienced Toastmasters members to help non-members jump-start their public speaking and communication skills. The program is run by members of the Toastmaster Club for organizations, corporates and groups of professionals who would like to take a fast track course on communication and leadership.

Do you have to answer questions in an upcoming job interview? Give an important presentation? Make a toast at your sister’s wedding? You can get through these (and so many more speaking scenarios) with average success—or you can shine through extraordinary achievement. The Speechcraft experience will help you rise above to be the best communicator you can be.

A Job Interview: Get the skills to smoothly answer spontaneous questions and present a polished image.

An Important Presentation: Deliver an important presentation with clear vision and memorable takeaways.

A Wedding Toast: Speechcraft can help you lose the jitters, look at your loved ones, and speak from the heart.